by Júlio Navarro

Malangatana is one of Africa’s greatest artists. Best known for his dramatic paintings, he has produced a broad range of works in diverse media—drawings, murals, ceramics, and sculptures, as well as poetry and music. For the most part his works are commentaries on the historical and political events in Mozambique, and on the experiences of colonialism, the anti-colonial struggle, civil war, and independence. They also explore broader themes of violence and resistance to violence, capturing the hardships of human life and manifestations of human dignity. This superbly illustrated book of Malangatana’s paintings is a showcase of his work.

The paintings are accompanied by two introductory essays, one on the artist’s biography, the other a critical essay situating the paintings and the importance of his work in context. To date only available in Portuguese, this English-language edition provides the opportunity for a wider audience to gain an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the background and meanings of the paintings.


About the Author

Júlio Navarro

Júlio Navarro was active in Mozambique’s cultural life, the Association of Mozambican Writers, and in book development policies. He had a long association with Malangatana, working with him on his many exhibitions and other activities.


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